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The world is shrinking. Consumer capital in Africa is increasing. Growth and development opportunities are at your fingertips.  Africa is home to 6 of the top 10 fastest growing countries in the world and U.S. exports to sub-Saharan Africa now top $21 billion a year.

How will you compete for and successfully engage your target consumer or client in your African market of choice. With offices based in Nairobi, Nigeria and Tanzania, GPS advisors have the formula for you to successfully IMPLEMENT your business into the African market, INTRODUCE your product or service to your target client and to INVEST in areas of the market that are developing at a rapid rate, which will each align your company for growth.

Global Partner Solutions Ltd. is in the business of  creating value for our clients, whether we are working with a small business, classified project or large global firm, you can trust us to deliver tailored solutions that will develop your existing, expansion or investment strategies and maximize your development impact.

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