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We are so pleased to introduce our Access East Program, a targeted program created for companies and investors that are looking to explore first hand the options that are available in East Africa.

Millions of dollars are spent every year by companies who are seeking opportunities for investment and business expansion across East Africa. It is critical that your time and money spent on exploring the opportunity are informed and complemented by a thorough understanding of the market you wish to explore, taking into consideration the diversity of the markets in East Africa and appreciating the local business culture. Getting the support of a local partner based in East Africa – who understands the market and has a good grasp of the business culture – is vital in each step of your planning.

GPS has relationships with key stakeholders in various industries and has deep local knowledge about the region as well as business culture.  As your local partner, we provide on-the-ground support as you seek opportunities to expand and invest in the East African region.  In particular, GPS can support you by:

Developing a clear agenda: your local partner should prepare an agenda and schedule meetings on your behalf to ensure you meet the right local partners who can directly support your investment and business expansion goals.

Screening vital contacts: business is a mutli-stakeholder affair. To maximize your time spent in the country, your local partner should introduce your company to people who are aligned to your goals and who can champion your efforts.

Provide market and industry briefings: so you’re considering East Africa as a possible next destination for your business and have decided you want to explore the region for opportunities. Your local partner should assist in providing information that is specifically tailored to your business or investment goals, ensuring that market and industry reports are provided and summarized to help you make key decisions and identify key trends.

We invite you to explore our Access East Program as your first step in preparing your expansion. Let GPS be your local partner in East Africa and support your business and investment exploration every step of the way.

Click on the following link and start planning today:

We look forward to exploring with you!

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